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Do you toe-yoga?

Do you toe-yoga?

Foot strength training

My goal as an enthusiastic Podiatrist is not to sell you products or services but to ensure you maintain healthy, strong, BEAUTIFUL feet for as long as possible.

As we are an ageing population, it has never been more important to take care of ourselves for our future selves. Our feet are the foundation of our independence.

Let's start off with some foot and leg exercises and stretches.

Enjoy these at home and get your loved ones to join in too.


Paula xx



Start with both feet flat on the ground. Knees at 90 degrees.

Lift, spread, and reach out your toes. Then lay them flat on the ground.

Raise only your big toe while keeping the others down, and then alternate (big toe down, other toes up).

Raise each toe individually, then set it back down one at a time.

Don’t be discouraged if your toes don’t move at first. It takes time for your brain to reconnect to your feet. Keep practising and in time it will come.

Repeat 5 times on each foot. Start by doing these twice a week and then building up to daily over a 6 week period.

If you do too much too quickly, your feet will get sore and tired. Remember, this is exercise training for your foot muscles.



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