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How to heal my cracked heels

How to heal my cracked heels


When our skin is exposed to elements it becomes more vulnerable. Hard surfaces, hot days, friction from sandals, all these things contribute to dry skin. Combine that with dehydration in the body and lack of moisture in the skin; you get dry feet and sometimes they crack.




  • Wash, wash, wash, and wash!

I can not stress this enough. The simple action of washing your feet (even without product) helps to remove dead skin cells, encourages blood flow, removes sweat, removes old product, allows for new product to penetrate and helps regenerate healthy skin. 

  • Product choice

Use a Non-irritant, non-foaming wash – like PC Podiatrist Formula Soothing Foot Wash. Why, I hear you say? Soaps and other harsh chemicals do not work kindly with the body’s pH. In order to cleanse and hydrate the skin without stripping the acid mantle on the surface, which protects us from infections and pathologies, we need to use a product specifically formulated for that task. Low pH, non-toxic yet very effective.

  • Exfoliation / removal of thick, dead skin

Removing the thick, hard skin is paramount to treating heel cracks. The best way to get this done is professionally by a Podiatrist. Please do not go to a nail salon and let them use a shaver.

If you do not have excess heel callous, then a pumice is very effective.
(Do not use a pumice is you are diabetic, have neuropathy or any blood disorders).

  • Hydrate

For daily care use a product like PC Podiatrist Formula Luxurious Foot Lotion as it has moisture absorbing properties such as magnesium chloride and salicylic acid. For more thickened skin and fissures (crack) use PC Podiatrist Formula Ultra-Hydrating Foot Balm followed by PC Heel Socks.

  • Continued care

Ensure you wear appropriate footwear; backless shoes and thongs increase your chance of heel cracks. Cotton or wool socks and closed shoes are best.

Visit your Podiatrist for professional treatment and advice.

Enjoy healthy, beautiful feet! 

Love, PC x


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