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Soothing Foot Wash

Soothing Foot Wash

Why did I create PC Podiatrist Formula®️ Soothing Foot Wash?


It often occurs to me that most people don’t wash their feet. There are many reasons for this: time, laziness, lack of education and lack of products.

Good foot health starts with good foot hygiene.
This includes the basic ritual of washing your feet.

How are we to expect our moisturisers and balms to work if the old, dead, sweaty, thick skin has not been washed off appropriately and the skin is not prepped for the new product to be applied.

Using soaps or shower gels can often impact your foot health due to the pH of them. Most soaps sit at a pH of 9 – 10 which means they will strip the acid mantle of the skin allowing it to feel “squeaky clean” but causing it to become dehydrated, flaky, and vulnerable to pathologies. *note* We don’t want skin to be stripped to feel clean*

The pH of a wash is of utmost importance. PC Podiatrist Formula® Foot Wash is designed to work with the pH of the skin, therefore formulated at a low pH to cleanse the feet, help remove excess skin cells, excess sweat and moisture and any residue of old products. Leaving the feet clean and soothed.

Cleansing the feet each day will allow for better absorption of simple lotions and or topical medicated products required to treat infection. This will allow for a better outcome of your Podiatric treatment.

T A R G E T S :

- Dehydrated and dry skin
- Callouses and fissures
- Fungal & bacterial infections (please note this is not a medicated treatment, it simply aids in the treatment
process alongside anti-microbial medication)
- Bromodosis (smelly feet)
- Hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet)

Key Ingredients of PC Foot Wash:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar powder: natures natural exfoliant

  • Glycerin: a powerful humectant:
- hydrates the outer layer of the skin
- improves skin barrier function and skin mechanical properties
- provides protection against skin irritants
- accelerates the wound-healing processes

According to a study 2016, glycerin is “the most effective humectant” available to increase hydration on the top layer of your skin, in comparison with numerous others.

Key Properties of PC Foot Wash:

- Helps to clean the feet whilst maintaining the skin's natural protective properties
- Does not strip away natural oils on the skin
- pH balanced (low pH)
- Low-irritant formulation
- Free from artificial colour, fragrance, propylene glycol, and lanolin. No SLS.
- Suitable for use with / and to aid in the treatment of conditions such as tinea pedis, dermatitis,eczema, and psoriasis
- Suitable for sensitive skin

How to use PC Soothing Foot Wash:

Apply one pump per foot, lather with water, wash for 20 seconds, rinse and dry thoroughly. Use daily.

For external use only. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.
Store below 30oC/86oF.



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